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Why FineUI?

Rapid development

Based on C# and ASP.NET 2.0+ you are familiar with, Develop Web application quickly without Javascript code. FineUI WebForms brings you less development time, lower cost, easier maintenance and upgrade.

Existing ASP.NET Technology

FineUI exactly follows ASP.NET naming convention and development framework, you will find our control name, attributes, methods, events are same as native ASP.NET control. You will know FineUI as you know ASP.NET technology.

Extensive Controls

With more than 50 professional ASP.NET controls, you can focus on business logic, and let FineUI to bring you the cool UI effects.

Cross browser support

FineUI supports all popular browsers, IE, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Theme support

FineUI has many built-in themes, and also allows you to customize theme.


No whole page refresh. Using Ajax, only part of the UI will be re-rendered.

Lightweight data transfer

ViewState is WebForm development foundation. It brings developer convenience but increases data transfer. FineUI invented FState to achieve same convenience and much smaller data transfer.


650+ WebForms Examples, MVC Examples and 500+ JS Examples help you quickly master FineUI.

Continuous development

FineUI has 120+ updates since April 2008, and keeps updating...

Philosophy of design


Keep it simple

We develop every component using ASP.NET best practice, from naming to complex AJAX interactions, we make all interfaces simple and developer friendly. Keep it simple stupid for these UI components, from design to implementation.


80/20 Rule

We develop every component based on real project requirements. Rather than creating all possible features, we dedicate to 80% frequently used components with elegant design and thorough thinking.


Creative design

FineUI has many simple but practical creative designs, from native AJAX support, lightweight data transfer, iFrame based UI layout etc. All of these help developers focusing on business implementations instead of common components.

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Download FineUI

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Purchasing a FineUI license includes one year tech support and free upgrades. If you have any questions regarding sales, licensing, product and tech support, feel free to drop us a line, we will get right back to you. Our email address is: